How To Get Better Health By Eating Together


Having meal together is having so much benefit for your health.  You could start eating of healthy food from doing this thing.  We could prevent from eating some junk foods because there is no way that you are going to eat it with your wife and son. I am pretty sure that you are going to give them a healthy food and means that you are going to also eat it. I have just started doing this activity for two years and I am getting so much benefit from it.  I just feel that my health is getting better.

You probably do not know that having meal together is having so many of advantages.  This thing seems to be old fashion for some reasons, but it is so important to be done.  I really know that most people are busy with their life, but spending your time with your family for around 15 minutes is not a bad idea.  Many people seem very interested to do this case, but there are many of them who do not know how to do it properly. I have provided some tips to let you know how eat together could improve of your health.


Just not going any meal together without having some plan on it, remember that you have to prepare the meal and you could not just eat any random food. It would be bad and it is not going to help of your body on getting health. I recommend you to place any mark on the calendar and at that time you could just prepare everything until the best for that day.

You could start by planning on what the day you are going to do it.  I personally love to do it on the weekend where we are not too busy with our activity, but you could do it any time you want as long as you have time for it.  The next thing that you have to prepare is food.  Just go with a food which is easy to be made and prepared. It means that you have less time to cook it and have more time to chat it with your family.

Make It Priority

You really have to make having meal together becoming your first priority on your family. You do not have to do it every day, but you could just do it twice or once a week and it is already good. Just making sure you are having any plan for it and you are ready to go.

Remember that you are not going to be better if you only do it once or twice. You would once again end up eating some junk foods if you do this case. Make it the main priority that your family always do every day or every week and planning it in good way.

Do Not Get Easily Distracted

Do not let anything distract of you including of your smartphone or your work. Just focus of your time on spending it with your family.  I am pretty sure that it is going to be really good since you are having a good meal and it could strength the bond of your family.

Many people get easily distracted by this case since they are still busy with their own life. You can make a rule where no one is permitted to use their gadget there.  It would help them to be focused on the dinner.

Should I go Drive Through?

It is fine as long as you go to the right restaurant. You probably know that there are so many restaurants which is having an unhealthy food.  You could go there as long as it does not contain any junk food. I always recommend you to make your food together.  What about taking your propane grill smoker and make your grilled food together. I guess it will be more fun since everyone is working together to make it.

Making food together would also giving you chance to show it to your children. They will know how to do it and we do not know if someday they are going to do the same way their children.


Being healthy is not only able to be achieved for doing some activities such as biking, hiking or other activities.  Starting it from the smallest thing such as eating together which is considered to be old fashion could even help you to be better.  It will be better as long as you know what to do and able to make it as your routine.  I just hope that I can do it every day, but sadly we are only able to do it weekly.  That is all I could talk about it and I hope it will be helpful to you, so see you.



The Most Unique Restaurant In The World

Sometimes going to any normal restaurant is not able to satisfy our need on getting some unique experience. The food might be okay, but what about the decoration and everything? Every single thing is so important for a restaurant. First, they need to have a good food, good services and then the last one is they must have a very unique thing that they have to offer to their customer. Some of them are forgetting about those things and start with some normal stuff that makes people easily bored, but there is also some unique restaurant that offers a unique way to satisfy their customer. Here my top list for most unique restaurant in the world.

Tombs Restaurant In India

I am not joking here because you would eat with some dead bodies. First, it’s such a not nice experience when I tried it. I tried to look around and see their names and it really gives me goose bump. The food itself is not that great, but the experience is really unique and scary. They served many sweet foods and good tea here, so why don’t you come here.

Sky Restaurant In Belgium

It is not a really sky restaurant, but they are really making a great place for eating our food. i actually really afraid of heights and they make us flying to 150 feet above. I don’t really suggest it if you have any problem on some bad conditions because it’s so scary to see everything from the above. The restaurant is pretty small and you cannot do much thing there. The only thing that you could do is seeing around and only making some movements. Be preparing to save your money because the price is quite tough.

Ithaa Restaurant In Maldives

We have seen a flying restaurant and now we need to have one on underwater to make the list is completed. You must taste their local food because it tastes really great. There, I could see many unique species that I even never see before. There is shark, manta and other local species that making a unique experience.

Those are my recommendations for most unique place in the world. I only have three of them because I already visited that place. I don’t want to place some restaurants that I never taste before. If you are having more recommendation, just make a comment and I would be so happy to put it here.

Every Single Thing That Make Our Food Tasty

Some of you might prefer a spicy food or there might be bunch of people who don’t like it because they cannot handle any spicy food that well. Everyone has their own prefer taste and style. That would be the right point for making any good food for us. Picking the right ingredient and the right spices also make big difference to your food. I remembered when my wife was went away a month for a vacation, I really struggle in making good one for my kids. I thought that the taste is really good for me, but it’s totally different on my children. From that single time, I keep searching and finding some sources information and found that taste might make impact to our judgment to our food. That is why know I always take my children suggestion for making food for them. It’s tough for at the first, but I am quite good right now. So you might be struggling right now and that is why I share my experience in hoping can help you on getting the right food for you. I also am getting some suggestions from my friends that are really helpful.

Some of them suggesting me to add some sauces and salt and the result is really good even though for some reasons, it is not really that healthy, but by adding some of them might not be too dangerous for your help. Sometimes we have to get real with something. For making a baby food is also special for this case, I usually adding some vegetables to give more nutrient and it’s becoming a smart way for making them eating vegetables. The taste is not different that much if you are adding them, but you have to be careful because many of them are also making the food taste better or even worst.

That is all of my opinions about making a great food for our self. I don’t really know how my wife could go all this way without any problem. Me as a man think of preparing food is not as easy as I watch on TV. There lot of things behind of it that also important to understand. You would know it how it feels when you are leaving alone without anyone helping you in preparing the food and everything. Hope you enjoy it. Please share your opinion, if you like.

5 Delicious Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Recipes

If you are interested to cook with an electric smoker, it will be better for you to consider using Masterbuilt electric smoker. However, you have to plan what you will cook with this smoker. There are many ideas that you can try. If you are confused, we will share many recipes that are recommended so much. Here are the Masterbuilt electric smoker recipes that I mean.

Espresso BBQ Sauce Recipe

This is the first recipe of Masterbuilt electric smoker. To make espresso BBQ sauce, you need to prepare the following needs. They are a quarter cup of Starbucks, a quarter cup of soy sauce, a half cup of balsamic vinegar, a cup of honey, a cup of ketchup, 2 tablespoons of minced garlic and 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.

BBQ Sauce Recipe

After preparing those above, you will need to follow these instructions below. Firstly, you should combine sauté, garlic and olive oil in a medium saucepan with medium heat until they are golden. Secondly, remove them from the heat and then leave the garlic until cool in the oil. Then, whisk in the espresso, soy sauce, vinegar, honey and ketchup. Next, return to heat & simmer for about a quarter hour to blend the flavors. Lastly, remove them from the heat. You can make BBQ sauce for 2 cups.

Smoked Pulled Beef Recipe

Smoked Pulled Beef Recipe
If you like beef, it will be a good idea to make this recipe. Smoked pulled beef requires you to prepare many things. Besides 8 pounds of bone in beef butt, you also need to prepare a table spoon of garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder and paprika. Then, this recipe also requires 2 tablespoons of coarse salt and black pepper. In addition, a half tablespoon of cayenne pepper, 9 x 13 aluminum tray, and 4 tablespoons of brown sugar are also needed.

After everything is prepared well, you can start following this recipe. Firstly, blend those ingredients and cover the beef butt. Secondly, put in the uncovered tray and then smoke for an hour / pound with 250 degrees of Fahrenheit until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees of Fahrenheit. Then, remove from the electric smoker. After that, strain the juice into a bowl. Next, wrap the fork butt twice in foil. You should also inject 2 ounces of juice per pound into the beef butt and wrap 4 times more. Lastly, put back into the smoker with 250 degrees of Fahrenheit in an hour per pound until the internal temperature reaches 195 degrees of Fahrenheit. After knowing the result, you can say that it belongs to the best Masterbuilt electric smoker food recipes.

Smoked Leg of Lamb Recipe

Smoked Leg of Lamb Recipe
You can also consider making smoked leg of lamb recipe. This recipe requires some ingredients including four cups of cherry wood chips or apple, a whole leg of lamb with the bone, a half cup of whipping cream, a tablespoon of Dijon style mustard, a teaspoon of snipped fresh rosemary, and optionally cracked black pepper.

Smoked leg of lamb can be considered as one of the most delicious Masterbuilt electric smoker recipes. To make it, you should follow these instructions. First, soak the wood chips in the water to cover about an hour before you grill it. Second, trim fat from the meat. Third, grill with medium to low heat and sprinkle half of wood chips on the coals then put meat on the rack of grill on the drip pan. Next, cover & grill in until done about 2 hours. After that, add wood chips on the grilling and remove the meat & cover it with foil then leave it for a quarter hour. Meanwhile, beat whipping cream with wire whisk until start to mound before stirring in rosemary and mustard. Last, serve it.

Smoked Summer Veggies Recipe

Smoked Summer Veggies Recipe
If you are a vegetarian, you can consider smoking vegetables. This recipe can be a good idea to follow. What you need to prepare include French cut green beans, mushrooms, onion, zucchini, and summer squash. For the woods, it will be better if you use apple wood chips or hickory wood chips for the best smoking.

This Masterbuilt electric smoker meal recipe is easy to follow. What you should do is first to rinse & slice summer onion, zucchini, and squash thinly. After that, mix the veggies. Then, form cup shaped containers. You can use heavy duty aluminum foil. Now, place a cup of veggie mix in every cup. Next, season with your desired spices and herbs. The next step is to pinch top of the foil cups. Lastly, place the cups of foil in the smoker with 220 degrees of Fahrenheit for an hour.

Smoked Dessert Pizza Recipe

Smoked Dessert Pizza Recipe
Another best recipe that I can share and is recommended to you is smoked dessert pizza. This recipe requires you prepare some ingredients including canned pizza dough, graham crackers, chocolate syrup, marshmallows and favorite candy. After you prepare those materials, you should follow these steps or instructions below.

It is very simple and easy to make this recipe. What you need to do is to spread pizza dough first. After that, cut it into eight pieces. Then, place the pieces of pizza dough on the electric smoker for 5 minutes until the bottom becomes brown where the temperature is about 350 degrees of Fahrenheit. Next, you should sprinkle the toppings, graham crackers and chocolate sauce on the top. Then, cook for 5 minutes again until the candy melts. Last, set it aside to cool! Now, you can serve this pizza for dessert and you can enjoy how delicious it is.

That is all Masterbuilt electric smoker recipes that are most recommended for you. Now, you should not hesitate to buy an electric smoker from Masterbuilt and if you are confused you can practice one of those recipes we have just discussed above. Hopefully this can inspire you to find your desired smoking recipes. From those recipes above, which one do you like most?
Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Recipes Brisket
Tasty Smoke Turkey Recipe Electric Smoker Ideas

Tasty Smoke Turkey Recipe Electric Smoker Ideas

How to Cook Turkey in an Electric Smoker

Turkey is one of the most delicious chickens. It can be cooked in various recipes. However, it will be much more delicious if you smoke it. With a smoker, you can enjoy smoked turkey anytime. It is also easy to make the recipe. If you are interested in smoke turkey recipe electric smoker, I will recommend some recipes for you.

Smoked Cherry Chicken Recipe

This is the first electric smoker turkey recipe that you can try. To try this recipe, firstly you need to preheat smoked at 225 degrees of Fahrenheit. After that, you need to combine ground cloves, salt, cinnamon, lemon juice, lemon zest, butter, and cherry preserves in a bowl with medium size. Then, brush marinade over the chicken and reserve it for basting during the process of cooking or smoking. Next, place the chicken in the smoker and then smoke it for one and a half hour until the temp reaches 165 degrees of Fahrenheit. After it is smoked well, you can serve it then.

Smoked Turkey Recipe

There is also a simple recipe of electric smoker turkey. This recipe can be followed easily. What you need to do is firstly to mix chopped onions with butter. Then, add bread to fill the turkey cavity completely. After that, you should mix a half cup of olive oil with red pepper and rosemary. Next, inject it below the skin and also the middle of turkey breast. The next step is to rub a half cup of live oil vigorously onto the turkey skin. Then, add 3 tablespoons of pepper and salt. Lastly, smoke until it reaches the safe temperature before you can serve it.

Breast Recipe

This smoke turkey recipe electric smoker is also easy to try. Even more, it also needs simple ingredients. The first step is to preheat the electric smoker at 225 degrees of Fahrenheit. After that, wash turkey cleanly and dry it. Then, inject 6 ounces of turkey breast using a marinade injection in some locations on the breast. Next, rub your desired seasoning on the turkey. Now, place it on the smoker rack and smoke it for about 5 hours or 45 minutes each pound until the temp hits 165 degrees of Fahrenheit. When it is smoked well, you can serve it soon.

Sausage Gumbo Recipe

This is another most recommended electric smoker smoked turkey recipe. Actually, it is similar to other turkey recipe. However, you need to add sausage gumbo. This sausage can also be made using an electric smoker you have. After everything is cooked, then add the sausage onto the smoked turkey. The, serve it on plates. You can also add some seasonings based on your desire.

Those are some ideas of smoke turkey recipe electric smoker. There are actually still many other recipe ideas to try. Those recipes can be followed easily using your own electric smoker at home. Hopefully this can inspire you to make your desire smoked turkey.

Beef Jerky Recipe Smoker
Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Recipes Brisket

Beef Jerky Recipe Smoker Guides

Beef jerky is one of the most delicious smoked foods. If you are interested in it, you can make this recipe using a smoker. It is not difficult to make this recipe. You may only need about 8 minutes after the preparation because you need to prepare everything first. If you are interested in beef jerky recipe smoker, you can practice it at home. The detailed explanation will be discussed in this article below. So, pay attention to this.

Paleo-friendly Beef Jerky

Needed Ingredients for Smoked Beef Jerky

Before practicing the smoker recipes of beef jerky, you need to prepare the following ingredients. Firstly, you should have 2 pounds of sirloin and cut it into a half inch thick slices. Besides that, you also need to prepare 4 tablespoons of ground black pepper. Then, you also need to prepare a cup of soy sauce. The next ingredient needed is a tablespoon of cider vinegar. Other ingredients needed include a dash of hot pepper sauce and also a dash of Worcestershire sauce.

How to Make Smoked Beef Jerky

After preparing those ingredients above, now you can start practicing the smoked beef jerky recipe. This recipe requires you follow these instructions or steps. Firstly, you need to combine Worcestershire sauce, hot pepper sauce, vinegar, soy sauce, and ground black pepper. You can use a large plate or a big pan for it. After that, you should mix them well and also add the slices of meat you have prepared before. Now, you have to cover it and then refrigerate it overnight.

The next step of this beef jerky recipe smoker is to prepare or set your smoker for a low heat and also lightly oil cooking grate. With the proper heat, you can make the beef jerky deliciously. Then, you should lay the strips of meat out on the cooking grates so that they will not overlap. You have to make sure that you smoke it with low heat until the edges looks dry with slight hint of moisture at the center of the meat slices. The key is to smoke it with the right duration. With low heat, it will be best in about 7 hours. However, it can be more or less so that you should monitor it.

If you are sure that the beef jerky is perfectly smoked, you can remove it from the cooking grates. Make sure that you remove it safely. After you follow all those instructions of beef jerky smoking recipe above, now you can serve it. You can serve it using plates.
The Taste of Smoked Beef Jerky

If you follow the beef jerky recipe smoker above properly and rightly, the result will be very delicious. So, you have to pay attention to the heat, temperature, ingredients, duration, and other aspects. This delicious recipe is appropriate for party, family dishes, or other purposes. So, if you are interested in it, you can practice it at home now. Hopefully this will inspire you all.

How to Make Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Recipes Brisket

How to Make Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Recipes Brisket

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Recipes Brisket
With a Masterbuilt electric smoker, you can make various smoked meals you want. If you like beef, there are many options that you can try. One of them is brisket. Brisket is one of the most delicious beefs. Therefore, you have to be able to make the recipe. In this article, I will give you a good recipe. So, if you are interested in Masterbuilt electric smoker recipes brisket, you should pay attention to the discussion in this article below.

What Ingredients Should You Prepare?

To make this Masterbuilt electric smoker brisket recipe, you need to prepare some ingredients first. There are at least 5 different ingredients. The first is a packer brisket that is split between flat & point. Besides that, you also need to prepare a bottle of patriot’s BBQ beef as well as shoulder rub. You can use your own favorite or desired beef rub. Then, this recipe also requires 5 ounces of spicy brown mustard. The next ingredient required is apple juice for bath and basting. Another one is beer for bath and cooking.

Brisket recipe

How to Make Brisket Recipe

If you want to make this Masterbuilt smoked brisket recipe, you need to follow many steps below. Firstly, you should trip the brisket to separate the flat. After that, you need to trim the fat a quarter inch from the pieces top. Then, you should slather the meat with the spicy brown mustard you have prepared. Next, rub the meat with dry rub and then wrap & leave it for about 10 minutes. The next step is to set the temperature of your Masterbuilt electric smoker with 230 degrees of Fahrenheit and then foil the water tray so that you can clean it up more easily.

The next step of this Masterbuilt electric smoker recipes brisket is to add hot water mixture, apple juice and beer to the bath. Then, smoke it with your desired woods. I suggest you to use hickory or oak woods. After that, keep adding wood until the meat hits 140 degrees of Fahrenheit for the internal temperature. After you smoke it, you should spritz the meat with the apple juice every 2 hours or until the meat hits about 165 degrees of Fahrenheit.

Next, you should foil the meat with the last apple juice spritz. Then, cook it again until the temperature reaches 195 degrees of Fahrenheit. After that, remove the smoker & wrap in the towel & rest in a container for around a half hour. The next step is to slice and enjoy it before 2 hours because it is the best time to enjoy it. However, you can also enjoy it up to about 15 hours depending on the brisket itself. Anyway, it belongs to the most recommended brisket recipe of Masterbuilt electric smoker.

The key of this Masterbuilt electric smoker recipes brisket is to cook with the right temperature so that you will get the delicious smoked brisket. Hopefully this will be a useful reference that you can practice at home.